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Coco Wolf has years of experience creating bespoke designs that incorporate specific requirements particular to your desires for exceptional outdoor living. A world-class team of more than 50 professionals, including product designers and engineers, creatives and craftspeople, all combine to deliver outstanding furniture to help make your outdoor spaces exceptional. 

The Wolf & South team are proud to have experience working alongside the world’s leading furniture brands, designers and architects on stunning residential and commercial venues worldwide. 


Coco Wolf invests time and passion in every project. Starting with inspiration as simple as a sketch or a photo, or even just a conversation about ideas you have in mind, their experienced team can transform indoor and outdoor gardens, pools, yachts and terraces. With your space as the backdrop, innovative designers work on creating beautiful pieces to adorn each setting perfectly.


Coco Wolf uses advanced software to produce 3D computer-generated imagery, allowing you to envisage the piece in its final grandeur. Adding detail and reshaping the design instils confidence in an outstanding outcome before production commences.


Coco Wolf was founded on the ethos of year-round performance, creating furniture that withstands the test of time, weather, and high-use. All designs have inherent longevity in terms of both aesthetics and function.


Honest materials combined with fine craftsmanship result in quality and durability. Coco Wolf creates luxury furniture via responsible manufacturing standards without jeopardising the wellbeing of future generations, so you can be proud to enjoy outdoor living with Coco Wolf without compromise.


Coco Wolf uses the highest quality materials, many of which are sourced via the marine industry, for each and every component. Coco Wolf’s furniture collections are designed with uncompromising attention to detail, durability, and style. Bespoke designs are no different.


Each piece is crafted and hand-finished with uncompromising attention to detail, manufactured
to the exacting high standards of British craftsmanship.

Coronet Collection


To request pricing, samples, or arrange a meeting with our team please contact us. We'd love to hear from you. 

+64 (0)20 4156 3387 | NZ

Download our catalogue featuring all the Coco Wolf furniture and table designs.


Please see our contact details for any further information or pricing, or find our contact form on the home page. 

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